About Multisports Events

We are based just out of Methven our main job is farming. We have a horse agistment business which offers race horse grazing and sale preparation.   We stand two thoroughbred Stallions and also do abit of mixed cropping and lamb fattening. On the side we have somehow got ourselves into running a couple of multisport events.   To be honest after having a couple of goes at the C2C in the mid 2000 I became quite passionate about the sport and the people involved in it. It is a great way to get out and see some great country and at the same time keeping fit. It is a sport that really suits the kiwi way. We have a big crew that helps us Family, Friends ( getting hard to find),  Lions, SAR, Ted Pearce Traffic Management, Richy Owen  MC , Glen Currie ( moving into right hand man) hmm sponsorship manager a thought. And all the other people that volunteer to help. We look forward to seeing all you guys this season testing yourselves against the courses and most importantly having a good time.

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