Big Day At The Office Race Records

New course records 40km cycle,24km run,25km cycle,17km kayak,2km run/10km cycle.

 Male individual Dougal Alan in 2010                                       5.30.28

 Female individual Sia Svendsen in 2010                                  6.48.20

 Male team N Perterson,Ryan Kiesanosky,Mark Yeplarr in 2010     5.38.24  They couldn't beat Dougal 

 Female team Olivia Spencer-Bower, Claire Van Polanen in 2010  6.50.52

 Male run time Phil Costley in 2005                                          2.00.36

 Female run time Megan Hopper in 2008                                   2.39.02 

 Male second cycle Thomas Kissel in 2010                                 40.31

 Female second cycle Olivia Spencer-bower in 2010                    49.30

 Male kayak  Nathan Peterson in 2010                                       56.16

 Female kayak Olivia Spenser-Bower in 2010                              1.01.03

 Male run/cycle Dougal Alan in 2010                                          25.52  

 Female run/cycle Claire Van Polanen in 2010                             34.19



Old Course Records 40km cycle,24km run,30km cycle,9km kayak/3.5km run.

 Male individual Dougal Alan in 2009                                         5.19.40

 Female individual Sia Svendsen in 2008                                   6.03.43 

 Male team Bruce Clulow,Jeremy Pugh,Jacob Roberts in 2008        5.11.15

 Female team Kylie Kjestrup, Anna Bothwick in 2009                    6.28.51 

 Male run time  Phil Costley in 2005                                          2.00.36  

 Female run time Megan Hopper in 2008                                    2.39.02 

 Male second bike time Dean Ashby in 2006                                51.58

 Female second bike time Susie Gowers in 2008                           54.55

 Male kayak/run time Ryan Kiesanowski in 2009                           59.16 

 Female kayak/run time Liz Blazey in 2005                                 1.12.29

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